What is NFT Store?

An NFT store is a web platform where you can create your own NFT marketplace without the need to hire expensive developers. Now, you can be the mediator between artists and buyers and set your own rules for trading NFTs. If you are not happy with the existing rules of the NFT world, you can create a new one in a few very easy steps.

How to Create an NFT Marketplace

NFTStores is the fastest roadway from a concept straight to that special platform that lets you release, store and trade your non-fungible tokens without coding experience or knowledge. Build an NFT marketplace from scratch within a few days with us!

Starting the Project

First, it's very important to figure out exactly what you want to achieve - do you want to create an NFT marketplace similar to OpenSea, Rarible, etc. where users can list and sell their NFTs to other users, as well as buy NFTs from each other? Or do you want to create a store style website for your own collection, where users will interact only with the NFTs you launch?

If you are a creator or artist and wish to showcase your works, thereby boosting your revenue through selling it as NFTs, then choose to start your own NFT store. If you are an entrepreneur and very much into the crypto market already and want to profit from the trading of NFTs, then create a marketplace.

Select the Right Blockchain

We allow our clients to choose on which blockchain their new marketplace will be built. You can decide to build your website on the most popular platform used to develop NFT Marketplaces (Ethereum) or select the fastest-growing and generally fastest blockchain ecosystem (Solana). The choice is yours.

Don't worry about the technical aspects, our team of developers has it covered. They have already done their work setting up smart contracts, databases, architecture, and everything else necessary.

Choose Your Design

The design is absolutely crucial. One of the most important processes in the development of any web project is setting up the user interface (UI) design. It's the first impression your marketplace gives to its visitors. We have developed a catalogue so you can choose the best pre-built themes that can be entirely customized to meet your desired design.

Identify Your Features

NFT marketplaces are very similar and work like regular online shops. So, the features for each should be very much alike, since we have to trust the user experience (UX):

  • Listings - This function allows users to see all the necessary information at a glance without opening each NFT individually - name, price, description, blockchain, token protocol, etc.
  • Sign Up and Log In with users' cryptocurrency account via Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, or other cryptocurrency wallets.
  • Advanced Search - users can easily find the item they desire by filtering the NFTs based on different categories such as type, cost, launch, creator, and more.
  • Trading history and product descriptions for every NFT on the marketplace.
  • An interactive dashboard to bid for NFTs.
  • Integration with the leading Defi wallets that provide storage for NFTs.

Identify Your Features

Once you have settled everything within the platform, you are ready to launch your marketplace! You will have a robust platform with seamless UX, and all that without the required technical expertise.

Now, that you know how to create an NFT marketplace, don't hesitate! Register now and start building your future in the NFT ecosystem.

Create NFT Store with Our Tool

There are many features of our tool that you can use to create an NFT store, and we took care for it to be an easy and pleasant experience for you. Take a look at some of our best features and create the best marketplace for you and your users.

Choose Your Target Groups with Our Calculator

When it comes to successful businesses, it is crucial to start with the Search. This is exactly what we based our creation on. NFT Store gives you not only the option to build an NFT store/marketplace but provides you with a smart and living database that can give you the best solutions for you, depending on your target audience.

You can use our calculator to choose the options which are best for you. For example, you might want to work with artists who create NFTs - then you get to see which are the most used blockchains by artists, which wallets they prefer to work with and integrate those solutions to your store so you can give them the best experience.

Find the Best Solutions for You with Our Filters

We developed many filter options to ensure you have the best third-party solutions for your website. To build an NFT marketplace is not an easy job when you start from scratch, so, we have made it as easy and quick as possible, without limiting your desires. Check out our filter options and find the best solutions for you for blockchain and design options.

Select Your Design Theme

We have worked with many great designers to create a database that can cover everyone's needs. Our process is straightforward so you can optimise and develop your chosen theme and create something which is going to represent your brand in the right way. Enjoy creating your vision with us and give your users a unique experience with your marketplace.

Extra Features Our Costumers Love

We wanted to give something extra to our customers, so we developed a few special options on our platform

You can add a lottery feature to your website and while your users gain even more experience and engagement, you can increase your popularity, expand your audience and most importantly raise your revenue.

You can choose your visibility level so your audience is only able to see some of your NFTs from your freshly launched collection, and leave the rest hidden for drops later on. You can schedule these in advance with your content, ensuring the timing is perfect and leaving nothing to chance. Increase engagement of your users and make them want more!

How to create an NFT marketplace is no longer a complicated question. Make it new, make it unique, make it the new best thing!

Types of Marketplaces You Can Create with Us

We are focusing on creating the best experience for you and your users, and since NFTs can be images, videos, music, GIFs and much more, we offer several marketplace templates to make sure you have something that suits. The most popular sites at the moment are still images, but with new projects and big names stepping into the game, we will see many more trends come out soon.

Blog and News

You can be regularly informed about stores NFT news, and anything related to the world of NFTs through our website. Check out some interesting related topics in the blog section where we have different writers in the NFT world give us their thoughts and findings about NFTs. We are always updating the news and options available on our platform, so check back in regularly.

Join the Strongest Communities

New to NFTs? New to this particular NFT sector you have just chosen? Have no idea where to start and how to create an NFT marketplace? We've got your back.

We have to focus on one of the most important parts - maintaining an NFT marketplace. Communities are the core to keeping your marketplace relevant and building them takes time, effort and money. That's where our engaged and lively NFT community sector comes in! We have carefully and thoughtfully selected the largest and strongest communities for all NFT sectors, so you can cut out the hard work and get to selling.

Enter the community of your choice and start gathering your information first hand! After all, information is invaluable, yet the most expensive asset.

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